The lost Art of Actionscript, totally gone in a Flash

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How do we know what we know?

This project uses case studies to examine how scientists construct a functional understanding of the world by gathering, assessing, and making use of scientific evidence. Examining the nature of evidence is a critical part of science literacy and a key to understanding our own process of knowledge acquisition.


Evidence is an Actionscript 3.0 based educational project I built with the San Francisco Exploratorium. We used multimedia and learning theories to teach users “The way Science works” using evolution as an example body of knowledge.

Dropping science like Galileo dropped the orange :

Making an infamously aggressive sport team feel accessible.




The Raider Creator is a concept I pitched during my interview at Swirl Integrated Media and built once I was hired. I saw the brainstorm session a la idea cards on the wall in the room I was interviewing in, and after I inquired they told me their client’s problem : The client, The Oakland Raiders, has developed a very wild brand identity based on the look of their fans and would like their brand to be more accessible to more people.

The final project was a site any user could upload a picture to (.jpg or .png), reposition, rotate, and zoom it, paintbrush out the background, and add an eyepatch and position each string, to create an image of any person as a “Raider” with the slogan “THERE’S A LITTLE RAIDER IN ALL OF US.” This image could then be downloaded, or added to a variety of swag for purchase (coffee cups, mouse pads, etc.) and we even chose a daily winner who, with their permission, would be displayed on the LED billboard above the Bay Bridge.

Front end Flash Actionscript, back end PHP.

Until recently the project was still live at










 All In a Bottle


hf-sotmThe Coke Happiness Factory was a colossal international award winning campaign I took part in producing during my time in NYC. It included several television spots depicting a universe inside of Coke vending machines, several video games I helped develop that took place within that world, and was translated into over a dozen languages, which we helped dynamically localize.

While the main hub is not still active, remnants from the project can still be found.

Here is the retrospective from The FWA which awarded us Site of the Month: