Snickers Fantasy Football

Stopping Hunger Fouls

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This Snickers / CBS Sports Fantasy Football cross branding banner series had a bit more going on behind the scenes than met the eye. I learned the Fantasy Football API (which to me came more intuitively than the rules of fantasy football itself) to pull in data of a logged in user’s fantasy league and opponents, and their relative scores, to create dynamic text that was relevant and accurate to their recent fantasy football games and relating it back to the brand at hand.

Good times.




Cocoa-Cola Happiness Factory

 All In a Bottle


hf-sotmThe Coke Happiness Factory was a colossal international award winning campaign I took part in producing during my time in NYC. It included several television spots depicting a universe inside of Coke vending machines, several video games I helped develop that took place within that world, and was translated into over a dozen languages, which we helped dynamically localize.

While the main hub is not still active, remnants from the project can still be found.

Here is the retrospective from The FWA which awarded us Site of the Month: